Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nicaragua or bust!

Eero, IIkka, and Lauri were getting a bit tired of the same old surf breaks down in California and they had gotten soooo pitted sooo many times on that shit that they wanted to try some new waves..... So they went to NICARAGUA! check out some of the flicks they sent in. Surfs up bra!

On day 1 they were a little surprised at how big the surf was so... they just played bocci ball and pretended that they were jet-lagged.

Day 2 a little bit more confident... Eero slays a big fatty!

Then IIkka shows eeerrbody he ain't scared and gets pitted!

They partied at night as per usual.... and Eero jumped super high!

IIkka was so excited to be in Nicaragua that some of his hair fell out, so now he has a buzz cut and Joni thinks he looks like Sheckler.

These guys are going to be surfing lots of the west coast this summer so keep an eye out for these wild blonde Finns... Lauri is actually coaching a surf camp in Tofino on Vancouver Island next weekend, so be sure to go check him out!


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