Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mikey EXPN interview from NYC

Mikey Rencz is as real as they come. For one, he's Canadian and grew up under the tutelage of the Wildcat crew. He's a sledneck and doesn't ever cut his hair, exhudes the personality of a snowboard bro, but still has an air of burly mountain man. He respects the contest scene, but does his best to avoid it. Mikey is just Mikey, no matter the situation. No smoke and mirrors about his riding or who he is, no misleading marketing hype; just a guy who puts snowboarding first. After confronting a serious injury a couple summers back, Mikey is back to work this season fully charged at 100-percent health. And as you might guess—the kid is ready to get some work done.

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Anonymous said...

that's gangster