Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8mile life Shred Update

Mikey and Eero headed out to film for Transworld's new flick "get real" with pat mcarthy, photo dog J kirbs, and film dog JoCo. Everybody stacked up some boardin shots, and also ate some delicous fries, hash browns, chips, and everything else potato related. pretty good gig!


Kirbs and Eero sayin peace out to the potato state

X to the Z xzibit showed up while passing through Oregon. Peep that liscence plate!! must be rich as hell

Then Bones and Duff hooked it up at Grouse mtn for all the boyz to film for the upcoming 8 mile shit

The entire Stephens family showed up to film their segments for 8 mile tv
Muriel absolutely refuses to wear goggles while she rides

K Man was gettin some killer pics for his girlfriend

peace out for now dudes and babes