Friday, November 27, 2009

8 MILE VICTORIA Preemie! Success!

Redbull and Airhole aka (REDHOLE) teamed up on Nov 21st to Premier's newest installment of 8 MILE TV. The party was thrown at the University of Victoria's campus bar "Vertigo". The party was called the NEON SKI ON so you could imagine there were a lot of neon ski suits on the dance floor. Myself, DJ SICLIFE and RAMBLE spun the traxx while all the sweaty co-eds bounced around in their one pieces. We played the new MSP movie first and then 8MILELIFE.COM's new one called......well it doesn't have a name it's just boardin'. Over all it was great night. Thanks to REDBULL AIRHOLE and UVIC for lettin us throw that JAMMER. It was awesome!